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Welcome to Wide Lens, the crossroads of AI and Virtual Video Production

We’re Imaginario AI, a startup building a new kind of video AI search and curation platform for creative teams.

We believe we are entering a golden age of content creation driven by hybrid AI and human storytelling. In the next 10 years, millions of creators and small companies will become media powerhouses with the help of AI agents. It will be the end of point-and-click software and the need for deep technical expertise in video production.

That’s why Wide Lens exists: to talk about subjects we’re passionate about, from the use of AI in video production, to virtual creative workflows, the future of content marketing and much more.

AI is the most transformational technology in history, but where we differ from other AI companies is that we don’t think AI is a replacement for human creativity.

Our growing team has worked in robotics, autonomous cars, streaming, TV, film, education, and lots of other places where we’ve seen first-hand how brilliant creativity and technology can be when working hand-in-hand. We will soon all be film directors with the help of our AI companions.

We hope you’ll enjoy our thoughts, and please feel free to connect at any time! If you want to check out our product, we have a very generous free tier that will let you search and transform your videos, and give you a taste of what we’re building.

Jose Puga, CEO

Co-founder and CEO

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