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Search your whole library with natural language. Say goodbye to labels, timestamps and metadata.

Meet the AI platform built specifically for professional video producers.

Used by the world’s largest content creators

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Built to supercharge your workflows

We’re always adding new integrations and automations. Experience a 70% time reduction in video search and multi-platform editing workflows.


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Our pioneering video AI lets you

Search your videos for anything

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Let our AI watch your videos

Our AI will analyze your long-form content to understand speech, visuals, conversation topics much more. Your videos always stay totally private, and your content won’t be used to train any generative systems. Get up to 2TB of storage on our standard plans, or as much as you need with an Enterprise subscription.

Understand the whole conversation

Generating transcripts and searching by keyword is nice, but what if you could search by theme, specific conversation topic, or even emotions? With Imaginario, you can.

With our Premium package, built specifically for production agencies, you can process 1,800 minutes of content every single month.

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Select the modality of your AI search

Finally, usable visual and audio search

Our AI system recognizes and indexes visual and audio content down to 1FPS, meaning anything that appears, or can be heard, in your video is searchable.

Locate specific moments or perfect B-roll in seconds.

Clip, organize, and repurpose

Save your transcript highlights or search results into standalone clips. Save them for later or repurpose them for social in seconds.

With our Premium package, you can export an unlimited number of HD clips every month.

Generating social clips from a video transcript

Get started with our free-forever Starter tier

Enjoy 30 minutes of free AI transcription and auto-captions every month, plus much more. No credit card required.