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May 2024 product update: video chapters & Dropbox integration

This month we finished our integrations blitz off with Dropbox, meaning we now integrate with the storage and collaboration providers used by over 90% of our customers! As a reminder, you can now import your videos from:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Drive
  • YouTube (either via a link or direct channel integration)
  • Frame.io
  • Dropbox

And export your videos to:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Da Vinci Resolve

We know how important streamlined workflows are to the creators and production pros who use our platform, so we’re always looking for ways to get you in and out of Imaginario as quickly and efficiently as possible. We’ve got some more awesome time-saving tools coming in the next few months, which we can’t wait to share with you.

Video chapters

A small-but-mighty update to our transcription and highlight-to-edit functionality, you can now clip videos based on AI-generated chapters. Simply click the new “Chapters” option in the highlight to edit section.

A screenshot showing where to access the Chapters option

This feature is yet another designed to help you get from full-length video to highlights as fast as possible, and breaks your video into logical chapters which you can then select, either to clip in their entirety or as the basis for further edits. I important the Brazil v Germany game from the 2014 World Cup, and our system generated these chapters:

The video starts with an introduction to the World Cup semi-final match of 2014 between Brazil and Germany.

First Shot and Breakthrough
Marcello takes the first shot of the game for Brazil, but it goes wide. Germany scores the first goal through Thomas Muller, causing concern for Brazil.

Record-Breaking Goal
Miroslav Klose scores his 16th goal in World Cup finals, surpassing Ronaldo’s record. Brazil is in trouble as Germany secures a 2-0 lead.

German Dominance Continues
Germany continues to dominate the match, scoring three more goals in quick succession. The Brazilian team is crestfallen and the crowd is stunned.

Brazil’s Struggle and Germany’s Superiority
Brazil tries to make a comeback but faces a strong German defense. Germany extends their lead with two more goals, leading to Brazil’s heaviest defeat in history.

Consolation Goal and Disbelief
Oscar scores a consolation goal for Brazil. The Brazilian supporters are left in disbelief, unsure of how to react to the devastating defeat.

Germany’s Victory
The referee blows the final whistle, securing Germany’s place in the World Cup final. Brazil’s defeat leaves the crowd in total disbelief.

Jorge Loewside’s Germany will play in the World Cup final against either the Netherlands or Argentina.

Simply choose a chapter to clip that section of the video – easy!

Speed improvements

We’ve also been making even more speed improvements this month, including more cacheing for our AI models in the backend, and more adaptive bitrate video streaming on the frontend, making your experience faster than ever before!

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