Instantly convert and repurpose your videos with AI

Our revolutionary video AI will identify the best bits from your long-form content, automatically clip them, and reformat for your social platform of choice.

Clip Studio is your
AI repurposing superpower

Importing longform videos to convert for social media

Import your source videos

Connect directly to your favorite cloud storage or upload your source video directly, either as a file or from a link. Our AI system will process and analyze the video to capture speech, visuals, themes and much more.

Choose your highlights

Let our AI identify your most shareable clips, or create them yourself by simply highlighting sections of your auto-generated transcript.

Create as many clips as you like from a single video.

Selecting video highlights using AI
Transforming landscape videos to portrait with AI

Reformat for your destination platform

Convert landscape video to portrait or 1:1, with auto shot detection and reframing. Magic Clips repurposes long-form, multi-subject videos into short social clips in seconds.

Preview and publish

Check your clips, add captions, and export to your social network of choice, or download as a video file. Your long-form content transformed into social clips in seconds.

Previewing social media video conversion

We repurpose videos for companies like

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“Imaginario can find exact moments inside interviews…

It makes the process of finding precise content and transforming videos much faster.”

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Frequently asked questions

Is there a limit to how many clips I can generate?

You can generate unlimited clips from the videos within your library. Each tier has limits on monthly uploads and processing.

You can see more details on our pricing page.

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