About Imaginario AI

Text has been the foundation of the web ever since its inception in the early 1990s, and is still the primary way people find information online. However the majority of information of the web is no longer text – not by a long way. Over 80% of internet data is video, but the way we search for information is still text-based. We want to change that, and develop AI systems that can understand video in the same way that search engines and large language models understand text today.

With a deeper understanding of the data locked up in videos, we can do exciting things like automatically create clips from long-form content and make your videos searchable just like your text documents. For large media companies we can eliminate antiquated systems like manual tagging, and make multi-modal recommendation algorithms based on more than just genre.

Of course, deciphering videos is an order of magnitude more complex than understanding text. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of leading engineers and AI talent, and we’re supported by investors at the forefront of the artificial intelligence boom.

Our founders

Imaginario AI was founded in 2021 by two experts who combine over 25 years of expertise in video and multi-modal AI.

Jose M. Puga, our CEO, has managed the development and growth of video services for companies such as the BBC, Sky and Warner Bros Discovery.

Dr. Abdelhak Loukkal PhD, CTO, researched and developed AI solutions in robotic perception and autonomous driving, used to date by Softbank Robotics and Renault.

Imaginario co-founders

Our investors

We are backed by forward-thinking technology and AI investors, plus strategic investments from leading figures in the media and AI sectors.

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What you can do with our technology

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