Find anything inside your videos

Our AI goes beyond simple object recognition to truly understand your videos; the people, their emotions, the objects, the conversation, the context, and the action.

Evolve past tags and metadata to truly understand your video content library. Unlock new opportunities and supercharge your editing workflows.

How our AI video search works

Uploading a video to search for visual and audio

Import your source videos

Connect directly to your favorite cloud storage or upload your source video directly, either as a file or from a link. Our AI system will process and analyze the video to capture speech, visuals, themes and much more.

Define your search type

Our revolutionary multi-modal search can identify sounds, speech, or anything on-screen. Choose what to identify, and how your results should be clipped.

Select the modality of your AI search
Video search results grid

View and share your results

Our AI will automatically edit results contextually to provide complete clips ready for publishing on social channels, or exporting for other destinations.

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Jennifer Neal, Imaginario customer

“Imaginario has been a game changer for us…

Previously we would get a transcript of the video and highlight sections to then send it to our video editor. Now we simply highlight and the snippets are created for us automatically.”

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Frequently asked questions

Is there a limit to how many searches I can perform?

The only limits on your account are how many minutes of video you can upload per month – once a video has been processed by our AI you can perform as many searches as you like.

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