Convert YouTube videos to viral social clips with our AI

With Magic Clips, your long-form YouTube content becomes TikTiks, Reels and Shorts in seconds, perfectly clipped and reframed. Let our AI identify your best bits, convert from YouTube formats to portrait, add captions and share.

Powering YouTube conversion for leading media brands

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Magic Clips is your YouTube conversion superpower

Imaginario is used by everyone from independent content creators to Hollywood studios to convert YouTube content into bitesize clips, increasing audience engagement and reducing manual editing work by orders of magnitude.

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Import from any source

No matter what tools you use to create and store your videos, importing to Imaginario AI is a piece of cake. Import with our direct YouTube integration, via a link, or upload files in up to 4k UHD resolution.


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Let Magic Clips do the rest

Our AI will analyze the people, conversations, objects, action and context of your YouTube videos to understand them like a human. Then it will recommend highlights to convert into social clips, reframe to the correct size, and add animated captions.

Export, post and watch your engagement skyrocket!

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Want fine-grained control over your highlights? No problem!

Choose your own clips by selecting them in the timeline, or highlight your video transcript to automatically clip that section and reframe for social. With our Starter package you get 30 minutes of free AI transcription every month.

Much more than a YouTube conversion tool – you can export your videos in landscape, square or portrait for posting to any location. Split and join clips. Add animated captions. Search for anything within your videos with our AI.

Built from the ground up to supercharge your video creation and repurposing workflows.

Generating social clips from a video transcript

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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take the convert a YouTube video with Imaginario AI?

There are three steps to converting YouTube videos with Imaginario AI, and how long each takes depends on a few factors:

  • The speed of your internet connection, if you are uploading a file directly
  • The length and resolution of the video you are importing
  • The length, resolution and complexity of the videos you are exporting

We use three steps to convert YouTube videos into other formats. If you want to convert a simple conversational video (for example a podcast interview) into multiple social clips, the entire process will take less than 10 minutes.

Step 1 – Import your videos

Importing can be done either through a file upload, or by allowing us to grab the videos directly from YouTube.

Step 2 – We’ll process your videos

Our AI will watch your videos, and index all the visuals, audio and action. Once processing is complete, you will be able to take advantage of all our AI-driven features such as multi-modal search, Magic Clips, transcription and more. You will receive a notification when processing is complete.

Step 3 – Edit and convert your videos

Either use Magic Clips to create edits automatically, or edit manually for precise control. Once you are happy with your clips, we will trim, reframe and export your new clips. You will receive a notification when your export is ready, and you will always be able to access your exports from your account.

Get started with our free-forever Starter tier

Enjoy 30 minutes of free AI transcription and auto-captions every month, plus much more. No credit card required.