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April 2024 product update: Frame.io, YouTube and Google Drive

April was an amazing month for the Imaginario team – we attended NAB Show 2024, we all got together to hang out and strategize in beautiful Tunis, and we shipped yet more new features to make your workflows even faster. Here’s everything that’s new this month.

Frame.io integration

Lots of our users are big fans of the Adobe ecosystem (us too!), and you’ve been telling us you want more ways to plug into their video tools. So after shipping Premiere integration last month we moved right along to the second-most-requested plugin, Frame.io. For those of you unfamiliar, Frame.io is an awesome collaborative tool for working on video projects with teams. You can now authorize your account and pull videos straight into Imaginario from Frame.io.

Like our other integrations, this is available from the top navigation bar. Just log in with your Frame.io creds and you’re good to go!

We also updated our Premiere export to allow for export of multiple clips in a single project. So if you’re creating five or 10 clips from longer video(s), your Premiere export will now arrive as a single .xml file, so you can keep everything in the same project.

Manual resizing in Magic Clips

Finally, you are no longer stuck with full-height videos when transforming in Magic Clips! Just grab the handles and change the video size to whatever your heart desires.

Just keep in mind if you’re working with a lower resolution clip, punching in will reduce the resolution even further if you upload the clip to TikTok, Instagram, or any other platform which automatically upscales the clip to full-screen.

YouTube and Google Drive integration

After the Adobe stack, Google’s ecosystem is the place our customers do the most work. We’ve supported YouTube link import for a long time, but these new integrations allow you to view and selectively import videos from your YouTube channel or any Google Drive folder.

For now you can only use these integrations for import, but don’t worry, pushing clips to these platforms is coming soon!

Easy compilations with blended topics

If you’re someone who uses our discovery features to search through your catalogue for topics and themes (for example, finding the perfect clips for your social channels for Mother’s Day), you now have the option to search for similar topics across your entire library, rather than just within single videos. The perfect way to create highlight reels or compilations!

You’ll find the Topic Blender toggle within the Topics screen when you search for topics within 2 or more videos.

Faster navigations, faster video processing

We know speed is important, so we made some visually-small but functionally-large changes to navigation and processing this month. You’ll now find editing via transcript and Clip Studio available in the main navigation, and via a bit of back-end magic you’ll also find your imported videos are processing faster than ever before.

Until next month!

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