AI powered audio search across your entire video library

Stop relying on outdated tags and upgrade your audio search to a modern AI solution.

Our multimodal, contextual system understands the content of your videos, and how the audio relates to the action. Finally, you can search your video library as easily as you search the web.

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Uploading a video to search for visual and audio

Import your content from anywhere

Connect directly to your favorite cloud storage or manually import your source video files. Our AI system will run a unique combination of analyses to understand every element, including the audio. Your uploaded content is always private and is never used to train generative models.

Define your search type

As well as recognizing audio elements, our cutting-edge multi-modal search can identify visuals and speech. Choose what to identify, and how your results should be clipped.

Select the modality of your AI search
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Search individual files, or your whole catalog

Identify specific scenes or sounds within a single file, or search your whole library to auto-generate curated clips in seconds.

Say goodbye to expensive and error-prone metadata systems.

Search for anything you can hear

Our AI is always improving, and can recognize the majority of sounds and their context with a high degree of accuracy. For Enterprise customers, we can create custom models based on your footage.

Animal sounds




Ambient noise

Sound effects


See it in action

One AI audio search system, hundreds of use-cases

Search your library with natural language, clip, reframe and caption for social channels in seconds. Make the most of your long-form content and increase audience engagement.

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time reduction in 
multi-platform editing workflows

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Cineverse located specific clips


faster using our AI visual search

Easily find seasonal material, pre-approved music and sound effects. Identify key scenes using sentiment search to identify laughter or crying, plus any other combination of factors.

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Frequently asked questions

How many audio searches can I perform on my content?

We price our packages based on the minutes of video content you import every month, not the number of searches. So, once you have added your video content to our system, you are free to search as many times as you like.

Get started with our free-forever Starter tier

Enjoy 30 minutes of free AI transcription and auto-captions every month, plus much more. No credit card required.