Convert any video into YouTube Shorts with our revolutionary AI

With Magic Clips, video content from any source is instantly repurposed into multiple YouTube Shorts, perfectly clipped and reframed. Let our AI identify your highlights, reframe to portrait, and add animated captions.

Powering YouTube repurposing for leading media brands

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Go from long-form to Shorts in record time

Imaginario is used by everyone from indie YouTubers to Hollywood studios to identify, clip and republish short-form social videos, increasing audience engagement and reducing manual editing work by orders of magnitude.

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Time reduction in 
multi-platform editing workflows

Import from any source

We fit into your existing workflows. Import directly from YouTube, use our direct integrations or upload files in up to 4k UHD resolution.


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Let Magic Clips do the rest

Our AI will analyze the objects, actions and topics of your videos to understand them like a human. Then it will recommend highlights to convert into YouTube Shorts, create clips, reframe to the correct size, and add animated captions.

Export, post to YouTube and watch your engagement skyrocket!

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Want fine-grained control over your Shorts? No problem!

Create custom clips by editing frame-by-frame in the timeline, or highlight text in your video transcript to automatically clip that section and reframe for YouTube Shorts. With our Starter package you get 30 minutes of free AI transcription every month.

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Frequently asked questions

Should I use the official YouTube Shorts app?

We love the YouTube Shorts app, and it’s perfect for posting quick hits to your YouTube channel and keeping the conversation going with your subscribers. But you should consider using Imaginario AI if:

  • You have a large back-catalog of video content which you want to search and repurpose
  • You manage other social channels (such as TikTok or Instagram), and want to efficiently create content for each channel
  • You speak with an accent, use lots of technical language, or otherwise find YouTube’s captioning isn’t accurate for your content
  • You want to save time manually reviewing content and prefer AI-powered highlights as a starting point

Get started with our free-forever Starter tier

Enjoy 30 minutes of free AI transcription and auto-captions every month, plus much more. No credit card required.