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Auto-generate clips for your company’s WhatsApp status from your long-form content. Our AI will identify your best bits, convert from landscape to portrait, and add animated captions to keep the conversation going.

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Shoot once, repurpose everywhere

Imaginario is used by everyone from startups to Hollywood studios to automate content repurposing for different channels. Our AI can identify people, objects, topics and action to make your entire video library searchable and transformable.

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We’re always adding more integrations to make sure we fit within your existing content workflows. Use our direct connections or upload files in up to 4k UHD resolution.


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Let Magic Clips do the rest

Our AI can recommend highlights for your WhatsApp status by analyzing the topics contained within your video content, and pulling out the best bits. Perfectly reframed with AI facial and object recognition, with animated captions and converted to portrait format.

Export, post to WhatsApp and keep the conversation going with your audience.

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For frame-by-frame control, you can create custom clips for your WhatsApp status by adjusting the timeline, or highlighting your video transcript to automatically clip that section. With our Starter package you get 30 minutes of free AI transcription every month.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I convert a YouTube video to WhatsApp status?

To convert a video from YouTube to work well on WhatsApp status you need to trim the video to change the aspect ratio. YouTube is primarily in landscape format (or 16:9, like TV and film), whereas WhatsApp statuses are phone-native videos and so use a portrait format (or 9:16).

Many WhatsApp status conversion tools will simply extract the middle part of the landscape video, which results in bad framing or sometimes missing the action entirely! To convert from YouTube to WhatsApp status successfully, your conversion tool needs to reframe videos appropriately and follow the action. Our AI system does this all for you.

To import a YouTube video for conversion, you have two options:

  • Connect directly to your company YouTube account
  • Import your video with a YouTube link

Once your video is imported from YouTube, choose Magic Clips for our AI to automatically select your highlights and reframe your video. Or, open up Clip Studio to manually choose your highlights and fine-tune framing.

When you’re happy with your clips, you can export them to standard MP4 format, and post them to WhatsApp status directly from the app.

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