Replace your video labels with multimodal AI

What’s better than a beautifully maintained video tagging system? No tagging at all.

Index your video content with our AI and enjoy zero-setup, contextual natural language search across visuals, audio and dialogue.

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Other AI systems automate tagging. We replace it with something better.

The first generation of artificial intelligence video tagging systems automated the creation of tags and labels through object recognition. That still left video producers with huge tag libraries to maintain, and brittle search features.

Our bleeding-edge AI transforms everything in your footage into mathematical objects, which can be searched with natural language, synonyms and close matches. We also add contextuality to give you ultra-precise search. Combine people, objects and actions to find exact moments that are impossible with labels alone.

Uploading a video to search for visual and audio

Import your videos from anywhere

Connect directly to your cloud provider or upload your source video files. Our AI system will index visual and audio elements, making them easily searchable.

Your uploaded content is always private and is never used to train generative models.

Search with any level of detail

Our AI search works with any level of specificity; from settings and moods, all the way down to specific people, objects, action, and combinations of all three.

Whether you’re looking for a particular shot or some top-level mood board filler, it’s just a search away.

Select the modality of your AI search
Video search results grid

Flexible search for all use-cases

Search within specific files, or explore your whole catalog. Get AI-powered recommendations for themes and topics. Find matching thematic content across multiple files. Auto-clip for social channels, and export to your editing suite.

Can your content tagging system do that?

Save hundreds of hours every year

Logging and tagging is a time-consuming part of any production workflow and – let’s be honest – not something that anyone enjoys. We believe in creating AI systems that enhance human efficiency, and free up your time for valuable creative work.

Traditional manual tagging system

AI-generated tagging


Time to tag new footage

Up to 200% of footage runtime



Time to maintain tag library

1-3% of total catalog runtime

1-3% of total catalog runtime

Not necessary

Types of content tagged

Dependent on editor needs / time restrictions

Dependent on AI model used (usually multiple models needed)

People, objects, action, interactions, emotions, music, SFX, dialogue (and more)

Search accuracy

Finds entire clip with tag applied

Finds entire clip with tag applied

Finds timecoded moment containing search term

Search match types

Exact match with tag

Exact match with tag (normally with broader range of tags)

Exact match, semantic language match, contextual visual / audio match

Search modalities

Dependent on tagged content (usually only visuals)

Single modality (visuals or transcript keywords)

Multimodal (visual, audio, dialogue)

Associated cost

Hourly labor cost

Pay per minute / hour of video

Everything included in your monthly subscription

See it in action

More than just a replacement for video tagging systems

Leading studios use our system to identify shareable moments, clip and repurpose for social channels in seconds.

Make the most of your content library and engage your fans with ease.

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Warner Bros. Discovery saw a


time reduction in 
multi-platform editing workflows

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Cineverse located specific clips


faster using our labelless AI search

Natural language search opens up more opportunities. Identify seasonal themes, pre-approved B-roll, age-restricted content for compliance in different markets, and much more.

Remove human biases, errors and typos. Search your footage confidently, knowing every second has been indexed to the same level of accuracy and granularity.

The easy way to ensure


across your entire video library

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Frequently asked questions

Is there a limit to how much I can search my library?

Our packages are based on the minutes of video content you import every month, not the number of searches. Once you have added your video content to our system, you are free to search as many times as you like, across all modalities.

Get started with our free-forever Starter tier

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