Multimodal AI curation for video professionals

Search for anything. Auto-identify your best bits. Create clips in seconds.

Bring your whole library or plug into our API to understand your videos like never before.

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Search within your videos. No labels required.

Our AI understands your video content like a person would do. We uncover the true meaning within videos covering dialogue, people, actions, sounds, even themes and emotions.

Results are pre-clipped and timestamped for quick sharing and publishing.

Curated social cuts in seconds

Click once to find highlights and convert landscape videos to portrait automagically. Let our AI handle the manual work.

Auto-center subjects by action, trim, add captions, and publish to your socials in seconds.

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AI transcription and editing

We use industry-leading voice recognition to instantly transcribe your video and audio content with 99% accuracy.

Generate clips simply by highlighting your transcript. Get started with 30 minutes of free transcription per month.

Curation: a new way to work with video content

As production tools evolve, so do workflows. Videos are becoming as searchable and flexible as text documents. AI systems can comprehend the people, objects, context, and actions within your footage, whether it’s archival or newly recorded.

We believe AI-powered curation will play a crucial role in video workflows, significantly reducing the manual tasks currently handled by editors and assistants, and enabling non-technical users to participate more effectively.

Say goodbye to manual scrubbing and endless rewatching. Easily find people, topics, or actions, and receive proactive recommendations for clips. Then, share them anywhere.

Less time finding and organizing. More time creating.

Powering video search and repurposing for leading media companies

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Take the work out of your workflows

Imaginario is used by everyone from independent content creators to Hollywood studios to increase efficiency, eliminate editing busywork, and create more value from owned media.

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Warner Bros. Discovery saw a


time reduction in 
multi-platform editing workflows


your teams from
manual clip creation

We believe in the power of Artificial Intelligence to enhance human creativity, not replace it. Our tools are built to work alongside creators and media professionals, reducing wasted time and boosting productivity.

Let our AI analyze, organise and clip your best bits based on themes or conversation topics. Transform to social-native formats in seconds, and post with a single click to keep the conversation going with your audience.


growth in 
social engagement


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